Historical props

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Historical props and costumes

Three Brothers is an all inclusive film production studio, producer and rental house of high quality, handmade weaponry, props and costumes. We are the biggest armory in the Europe with over 5000 props in stock!


Our workshops are located on the premises of our 13th century keep, we manufacture custom weapons&armour using either the techniques of old which have been carefully handed down and perfected by our master craftsmen or the newest techniques following the modern production trends.

We can make just about any item you can imagine from antiquity until 20th century. Specify the material you wish us to use and we can customize your order.

We work in aluminum, copper, steel, iron, titanium, leather, wood, balsa, glass, ceramics and even rubber. We carry a wide array of costumes, flags, other apparel, furniture, war machines, boats, entire laboratories, tools, pottery and much more.

We have realized over 80 projects. All of them supplied by our props department.

We can also custom tailor costumes, and create the furniture to your exact specifications. In addition to all of this we can also design and construct sets, props, and anything else you can imagine.

We have manufactured and supplied weaponry, armor, and wardrobe for many famous movies and theater plays such as:

The proud owner of our sword is also Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Let us know what you need and we can do it!