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Helmet is a piece of armour that protects the head. Individual helmets differed in shape depending on the purpose for which they were used (combat helmets, gladiator helmets, tournament helmets, ceremonial or military helmets) as well as on the material of which they were made (the eldest helmets were made of leather while later period helmets were made of bronze and iron). In the Early Middle Ages, a number of basic helmet types were used in various modifications. Often helmets of different shapes and designs might have co-existed - more modern and technologically more advanced solutions alongside older ones that were simpler and cheaper in terms of their manufacture. This all depended on the warrior’s status and wealth. A prevailing type was a rounded or conical helmet that was often fitted with a nasal. Towards the end of the Early Middle Ages, this type was supplemented with other types of heavy helmets with mask visors (calottes) that were becoming more closed - a type so common in the High Middle Ages.

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