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Armor / Chain Mail

Chains – Chain armour – The European style of chain armour was probably invented by the Celts in the 5th century B.C. Each part of the body was protected by a separate piece of armour. Chain armour was combined with plates from the 14th century. In the 16th century, parts of the chain armour were used only as accessory to the plate armour. Chain armour was finally superseded in whole by plate armour; however, in areas with warmer climate it remained to be used until the 18th century (plate armour is not that permeable).

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Chain Collars_Steel Chain Collars_Steel 0217-CH_002


Chain Gauntlets Chain Gauntlets 0582-RU-01.01b


Chain Hoods Chain Hoods 0334-DZ-02.02/06a


Chain Hoods, Light - alloy Chain Hoods, Light - alloy 1222-CH_007


Chain mail - Light alloy Chain mail - Light alloy 1197-CH_001


Chain Mail Pants Chain Mail Pants 1186-cm004


Chain mail_Steel Chain mail_Steel 1221-CH_006