Historical props

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Due to large volumes of costume, the costume categories have not yet been completed in full; however, they are being replenished. In case you do not find the required type of costume, do not hesitate to contact us via phone 00 420 251 682 137 or via e-mail: info@armouronline.com.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Belt Belt 1384-PA_0003


leather part of costum leather part of costum 1400-1399-1398-1384-PA_0010


leather wrist guard leather wrist guard 1398-1384-PA_0004


long boots long boots 1399-1398-1384-PA_0008


Quilted cap under the helmet Quilted cap under the helmet 1312-KOS_002


Quilted jacket under armor Quilted jacket under armor 1311-KOS_001