Historical props

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Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Agricultural tools Agricultural tools 1233-RE_002


Awl Reamer and Chisel Awl Reamer and Chisel 1305-RE_008


Blacksmith tools small Blacksmith tools small 1232-RE_001


Hammer Hammer 1303-RE_006


Hand Press and Gripper Hand Press and Gripper 1301-RE_004


Leather Bags - small Leather Bags - small 1358-RN_0013


Others Others 1352-RN_0012


Plough Plough 1273-ZE_002


Saw Saw 1302-RE_005


Smith's bellows Smith's bellows 1286-KO_007


Wood-turning lathe Wood-turning lathe 1383-Ost-111-111-112