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Weapons / Crossbows

Crossbow is a mechanic shooting weapon. Crossbows were first found in China, later in Ancient Greece and Rome. Their use in medieval Europe is evidenced from the 10th century. Until the 15th century the effect of crossbows was greater than that of shooting weapons used at that time, and also their accuracy, penetrability and striking distance that was greater than that of bows contributed to its popularity and long continuance in military weaponry. The range of a military crossbow is estimated to be around 280 - 500 meters.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Bolt Bolt 1219-KU_002


Crossbow Quiver Crossbow Quiver 1223-KU_003


Heavy Crossbow Heavy Crossbow 1218-KU_001


Light Crossbow Light Crossbow 1393-KS-2