Historical props

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Due to large volumes of furniture, the furniture categories have not yet been completed in full; however, they are being replenished. In case you do not find the required type of furniture or its part, do not hesitate to contact us via phone 00 420 251 682 137 or via e-mail: info@armouronline.com.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Altar Altar 1326-Na_012


Bed Bed 1323-NA_PO_01


Bench Bench 1243-ZI_002


Bench - 2 Bench - 2 1370-LAV_0012


Box Box 1255-TR_001


Cabinet Cabinet 1244-SK_002


Chair Chair 1200-ZI_001


Cupboard Cupboard 1199-CU_001


Gothic wardrobe Gothic wardrobe 1334-Na_0015


Hanger Hanger 1405-OST2334


Pulpit Pulpit 1333-Na_0114


Stool Small Stool Small 1387-Sesle M


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