Historical props

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Weapons / Knives & Daggers

Dagger - is a short cold weapon that has been evolving from the prehistoric stone dagger until today. There has been a great variety of shapes since the old days. Blades that were designed mainly for stabbing differed in shape, diameter, length and rendering, and the same is true about the hilts. Apart from combat daggers that served both the poorest fighters and the knights, there are precious daggers as well for civil or hunting use.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Boars Head Dagger Boars Head Dagger 1106-da029


Clergyman's Dagger Clergyman's Dagger 1119-da044


Dagger Regular Dagger Regular 1125-da050


Horn Dagger Horn Dagger 1097-da017


Left Hand Dagger Left Hand Dagger 1114-da039


Noble Dagger Noble Dagger 1085-da004


Oriental Dagger Oriental Dagger 1402-Dag


Plastic Daggers Plastic Daggers 1320-DY_PL


Primitive Dagger Primitive Dagger 1299-DY_005


Scabbard for daggers Scabbard for daggers 1322-DY_008