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Weapons / Lance a Halbert

Lance is a cold thrusting weapon used in hunting as well as in combat. It is one of the eldest weapons the mankind ever used, in existence since the prehistoric times. Spear became a common denotation for a throwing variation of a lance.
Halberd is a pole weapon that evolved in late medieval times to combat cavalry.
An axe-like blade with a spike and a hook was mounted on approx. 2 meter long shaft. The hook was used for grappling mounted combatants, while the blade was used to crush the armour plates. Halberd was always used by infantry, because it was unhandy for mounted riders.
The original primitive types from the 14th century changed and evolved so that by the 15th century they had their specific character. In the 17th century, as firearms became more widespread, halberds were loosing their significance and became a symbol of military ranks, decorative weapons used by various guards and palace guards.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Halbert Halbert 1265-KO_004


Halbert Noble Halbert Noble 1267-KO_006


Lance Lance 1359-KO_005


Spear Spear 1256-KO_001


Spear Noble Spear Noble 1266-KO_005