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Weapons / Axes / Light - alloys Axes

The collection of weapons made of high-quality light alloys – aluminium and titanium – enable the warrior to handle the weapon more easily, quickly and safely. This is why these weapons are so popular among international and domestic movie stars and stunts. We used our weapons of light alloys for example in our latest project The Little Knights Tale, but they can also be seen in films such as The Knights Tale, Dungeon & Dragons, Joan of Arc, Grimm Brothers and in many other projects.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Axe - double edged Axe - double edged 0426-SE-04.04


Axe bastard - Light Alloy Axe bastard - Light Alloy 0425-SE-04.01


Long Hand Axe Long Hand Axe 1133-ax003


One Hand Axe One Hand Axe 1140-ax010


Small Axe Small Axe 1131-ax001


Spiked Hand Axe Spiked Hand Axe 1139-ax009