Historical props

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Armor / Piece Parts

Parts of plate armour protecting the arms and legs.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Bracers (wrist protector) - Light alloy Bracers (wrist protector) - Light alloy 1212-EL_003_AL


Elbow guard, Light-alloy Elbow guard, Light-alloy 0445-EL_001


Elbow guard_Steel Elbow guard_Steel 0465-CZ-01.03c


Knee_Light-alloy Knee_Light-alloy 1214-EL_005


Knee_Steel Knee_Steel 1215-EL_006


Leg part _Steel Leg part _Steel 1217-EL_008


Nátepeníky ocelové Nátepeníky ocelové 1213-EL_004


Shank plates_Light alloy Shank plates_Light alloy 1216-EL_007


Shoulder guard - Light alloy Shoulder guard - Light alloy 1250-LO_001


Shoulder guard_steel Shoulder guard_steel 1251-RA_006