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Weapons / Rapiers

Duelling sword (used between 14th and 18th century) is a cold stabbing weapon that evolved from the late types of thrusting swords. With its narrow and long blade, small swords gradually replaced more massive swords. When the arm was not protected by an iron gauntlet (to better pull a trigger of a firearm), it was secured by a basket hilt made of iron joints. Apart from noblemen’s duelling swords that later developed into more subtle combat rapiers, small swords developed at the same time into military weapons. In the 18th century, military small swords lose their practical utility as well, becoming an accessory of a uniform, a symbol of the officers’ and later of clerical rank.
Rapier (16th – 19th century) is a more subtle variety of a duelling sword, it was a “civil” weapon carried by noblemen and used in duels. Its origin is in Spain, and it was brought in Europe through Italy.

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Cord (14. - 18. cent.) Cord (14. - 18. cent.) 1235-RA_003


Rapier, Noble (16. - 19.cent.) Rapier, Noble (16. - 19.cent.) 0705-RA-04.09


Rapier, Simple (16. - 19.cent.) Rapier, Simple (16. - 19.cent.) 1210-RA_002


Scabbard for Rapiers and Cords Scabbard for Rapiers and Cords 0934-ZA-07.01