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Weapons / Shields

Shield - is a part of protective equipment that was used since the Bronze Age and in some cases until the 18th century. Three basic shield types can be distinguished: an infantry pavise leaning against the ground; foot and horse shields hung on shoulders or arms; and handheld larger or smaller shields. The name “shield” also referred to various forms of infantry protection, "mantlets" – plates protecting the cannons etc.

Shield AluShield Alu
Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Shiel Big Wood Shiel Big Wood 1264-ST_004


Shield Attack Shield Attack 0358-ST-02.02


Shield Heraldry Shield Heraldry 1293-ST_011


Shield Round A Class Shield Round A Class 1262-ST_001


Shield round Luxury Shield round Luxury 1397-S-L


Shield Round Wood Shield Round Wood 1369-STK_00015


Shield Steel Shield Steel 1263-ST_003


Shields Big Shields Big 1270-ST_008