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Weapons / Swords and Sabres

Sword is a cold lateral weapon designed for cutting and stabbing. It represents one of the most important weapons in terms of its military and symbolic significance. In its military form, it has accompanied the man from the early prehistoric period, as a symbol it is often referred to in Bible. For its efficiency and controllability, a sword soon became a strictly war weapon.

Light-alloy Swords and SabresLight-alloy Swords and Sabres Steel Swords and SabresSteel Swords and Sabres
Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Plastic swords Plastic swords 1318-PL_MEC_01


Scabbard Scabbard 0898-ZA-02.07a


Scabbard for long swords Scabbard for long swords 0952-ZA-11.03


Scabbard for Sabre Scabbard for Sabre 1390-scab


Scabbard Noble Scabbard Noble 0886-ZA-02.01a