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1. Purpose and aim

Lending Rules are executed for the purposes of lending items from the rental service of the company Three Brothers, s.r.o.  to individual Clients. They regulate basic rules, procedures and responsibilities of the individual Parties.

2. Scope of validity

These Lending Rules are binding on all the staff members of the company Three Brothers s.r.o. who are involved in the process of lending the goods, and are also obligatory for all the Lessees who are using the services of the company rental service. These Lending Rules constitute an inseparable part of the lease contract concluded between the Client on one side and the company Three Brothers Production s.r.o on the other side.


Mutual relations between the Client and the company Three Brothers s.r.o.  (hereinafter referred to as “Rental Service”) are governed by the regulations of the Civil Code. If the Client fills out and sends this form (order) to the address of the Rental Service, it is deemed to be an advance order. The contractual relationship between the Client and the Rental Service arises only after the Rental Service has commented on such order and the Client has given a binding confirmation of this order previously commented upon. If the Rental Service decides to accept the Client’s order, it will send an advance invoice to the Client. The Client is obliged to pay the advance invoice within the given due period and send a payment confirmation to the Rental Service. In case the Client fails to do so, the Rental Service is no longer bound by his order. The supplementary payment of the price quoted for lending the goods plus the transport price will at all times be remitted by the Client to the account of the Rental Service on the day at the latest on which the borrowed items were taken over.

The guarantee

The Rental service may request a deposit, which is usually calculated as half sum of the total value of goods rented. The deposit is refundable sum, which is going to be returned to the Client after the rented goods are returned. The Rental service will charge the client for any goods damaged or lost. As priority, the Rental service will charge the adequate amount from the deposit. The client is obliged to pay 3x Product Value for every single lost item. The damage is calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods, which is listed on the website, multiplied 3x.

Obligations of the Client

The Lessee undertakes to:

  • Use the leased property in a customary manner, adequately to its nature and protect it against any damage;
  • Pay the agreed rental in a timely manner;
  • Protect the leased property against loss or theft and, in case the leased property gets lost or stolen, the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor of this fact and pay the price of the property quoted by the Rental Service in the order;
  • Pay for the repair of the leased property in case it has been damaged, the payment will be in proportion to the price of the property and to the extent of damage of the borrowed property;
  • No modifications will be done by the Lessee on the property without the prior consent from the Lessor;
  • Return and hand over the property on the last lease day and in a perfect state of repair. If the Lessee fails to return the leased property in due time, he agrees that he will pay the lending fee without any discounts per each day exceeding the agreed lending period.                     

The Lessee is not authorized to lease the property out to a third party or to enable third parties to use it without a prior written consent from the Lessor. Should this obligation be breached, the contractual penalty will be applied amounting to 10.000 CZK per each individual case. The agreed contractual penalty has no effect on the Lessor’s right to claim damages to their full extent.

Cancellation terms

If the Client cancels the order, the advance payment remitted by the Client to the account of the Rental Service forfeits to the account of the Lender.

The Lender is obliged to cancel the order in case the advance payment is not duly remitted to the Lender’s account on the day at the latest on which the ordered goods are to be taken over, or in case the Client demands conditions that have not been expressly stipulated in the Client’s order.

Mode of transport

We send the goods by postal service, or it is possible upon prior agreement to collect it in person at the address of the keeper. Transport expenses are covered by the Client.

Final provisions

These trading conditions are valid in the wording posted on the internet pages of the seller and become effective on the day on which the electronic order was sent by the purchaser.