Historical props

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Our company specializes in historical film production.

We focus on executive production; our portfolio includes a total of 70 feature documents aired on ZDF, ARTE, ARD, BBC and Discovery. 

We own a rich arsenal of weapons, armours, wardrobes and a large amount of medieval and other props.  

We provide complex technical background for shooting historical movies, production and post-production.

For over twenty years, we have been manufacturing replicas of historical weapons and armours and we can make practically anything.  

What we can offer:

Company’s film shooting background

Complete high-quality film crew: architects, make-up designers, costumers, props masters, construction, production and drivers.

A team of craftsmen specializing in the manufacture of replica weapons, armour and historical properties.

Wardrobe, make-up, production and truck trailers.

Mobile catering, tents with tables and warm heating.

Minibuses and other vehicles needed when shooting in the field.

A fully fitted service vehicle for repairs of weapons, armours, props and decorations.

Editing and post-production

Post-production office for clients, full networking, own sanitary facilities, kitchen, and computer technology.

Modern editing room

Final CUT studio

  • RED format, HD, ARRI etc. ready
  • Total capacity 24 TB DAT, RAID ISCSI up to 800MB/s RAID 5
  • TOP POWER MAC Station + 2x Power MAC NTB a 1x MAC NTB set notebook

Portable data fields in total capacity of 40 TB DAT

Back-up LTO4 IBM

Plasma television, AJA IO HD converter, HD recorder, air-conditioned

Company’s technical background

Blacksmith's workshop

Machine workshop /milling machines, lathes/

Locksmith's workshop

Plating workshop

Woodcraft workshop

Workshops for the manufacture of historical replica weapons

Workshops for sewing historical costumes



Stunts and horse riders

Fencers: up to 300 fencers in period costumes / Middle Ages and Renaissance /

Professional handling of firearms, bows and catapults in period costumes

A team of actors (from professional and semi-professional theatres), as well as artistes, musicians, dancers, jugglers, etc. 


Horses trained for tournaments and film shooting / passing through a fire, etc. /

Own stables and riding training area in Prague 5, Radotín

Historical saddles and horse harnesses

Saddle cloths, jousting lances, armour for horses