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Space For Rent

The seat of Three Brothers Production Company in Prague 5 - Hlubočepy can offer you several interesting spaces for lease.

Former keep from the 14th century that is currently a Baroque manor covering the area of 7.000 square metersin Prague (under the Barrandov hills) readjusted as movie studios

Vintage studios (stone barns) – 700 square meters

Three halls (approx. 340 square meters, with vaulted ceilings).

Various basements (approx. 300 square meters)

Renaissance rooms (approx. 150 square meters)

Attic premises (more than 600 square meters)

Baroque courtyard with arcades (500 square meters)


The facility is equipped with dressing rooms, make-up room, costume room, sanitary facilities, catering facilities, props stock and production backgrounds.

The second estate with exteriors is about 40 km from Prague near the Koněprusy Caves.

Own horse stables and riding area for practice rides in Prague 5, Radotín.

You will find more information on available premises here: http://www.historicalmovie.com/s/7/26/film_studio-film_studios__html.html

Or please contact us on telephone: +420 251 682 137 or via e-mail: info@armouronline.com

Space For Rent

Space For Rent

Number: 1240-PR_001