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Armor / Chain Mail / Chain mail - Light alloy

Chain mail - Light alloy

Catalog number: 1197-CH_001



In its heyday, chain armour consisted of a hauberk and trouser-legs. It was used in lightly armoured infantry and cavalry, was resistant to axe or sword cuts (bruises were common), but was totally useless against arrow shots (the rings gave way and the arrowhead went through). Hauberk (chain mail) was the basic part of armour. An early medieval hauberk from our lands was rather long (it usually reached under knees) and at its beginnings it had short sleeves. In the 12th century the sleeves extended and at the end of the 12th century they also comprised gauntlets with separately encased thumb. But the overall hauberk length became shorter due to better leg protection until it settled down on around the mid-thigh length at the beginning of the 13th century. We have 60 hauberks of various types in stock, depending on dimensions, used material and the size of chains.

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