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Armor / Helmets / Helmet_Steel / Conic Helmet ( 11. - 14. cent. )

Conic Helmet ( 11. - 14. cent. )

Catalog number: 0123-PR-02.05



Conical or rounded helmets – were the most frequently used early medieval helmets that were often furnished with a nasal. Towards the end of the Early Middle Ages, this type was supplemented with other heavy types with mask visors (calottes) heading towards the closed helmets of the High Middle Ages. Probably the most typical early medieval helmet was the one with a variably high, rounded but mainly conical bell. As the bell of this helmet protected only the top part of the head, the facial protection was often ensured by a nasal. Similar types are sometimes incorrectly called "Norman". The helmet bell itself could be constructed in different ways – from a larger amount of small parts or hammered out of one single piece.

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